“We believe we provide the best, quality care in this area, for significantly less than you’d pay at a hospital for the same procedure performed by the same physician.”

- Dr. Arvind Movva, CEO, Gastroenterology Consultants

Welcome to The Regional SurgiCenter

The Regional SurgiCenter is a specialized, multi-specialty surgical facility located within the same facility as Heartland Clinic.  Our ambulatory surgical center provides exceptional outpatient, surgical care for routine procedures which do not require a patient to remain in the hospital overnight.  At Regional SurgiCenter, you arrive in the morning, begin surgery within hours of your arrival and return home the same day.


Heartland Clinic gathers physicians and health professionals from multiple specialties under one roof to create a multi-faceted center.  Our approach to your care allows physicians and staff to communicate directly with one another rapidly. In addition, diagnoses, lab results and biopsy results are available to our patients promptly. This means you spend less time worrying, begin treatment sooner and move towards recovery more quickly. 

Our staff Anesthesiologist and Certified Nurse Anesthetists from Valley View Anesthesia provides anesthesia care at Regional SurgiCenter.  Patients are monitored throughout the procedure and recovery, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.